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Max Science range of science courses covers every essential topic in the fascinating category of science. Science is everywhere around us, whether you can see it or not..

By taking these science courses, you will learn how to experiment & explore, Boost your knowledge of every science subjects from physics & astronomy to chemistry & biology.

Science based Classs

prep for grade 3rd to 7th

Student will learn through live class with expert tutor.

Dedicated preparation along with previous year paper Solutions.

Science Olympiad Class

Syllabus based concept learning student will lean & experience the respected grade.

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Syllabus based Conceptual learning

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Our Courses

Grade 3:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for grade 3

  • Understand, learn & Perform Human body: Digestive system, Human organs, Blood.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Plants: how plant grow, parts of plants,
  • Understand, learn & Perform Energy & Matter: properties of solids & liquid, steady and movable energy.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Universe: the moon & phases, solar system & the sun.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Forces & Work: friction & gravitational, Muscular etc.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Earth Environment: Water cycle, how clouds form, rocks.
  • Understand, learn & Perform light & sound: How light & sound travel, importance function & properties of them.
Grade 4:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for grade 4

  • Understand, learn & Perform Energy: Types, Good & Bad conductors, Uses in day to day life, Electricity, Magnetism, Law of conservation.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Human system & parts: Circulatory system, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Teeth.
  • Understand, learn & Perform light & sound (level 2): Reflection, Shadows, Eclipses, Colours of light, Sound vibration & formation.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Earth & Solar system: Earth Layer & atmosphere, Solar & Lunar eclipse.
  • Understand & learn Natural resources: renewable & nonrenewable sources.
Grade 5:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for grade 5

  • Understand, learn & Perform Human body Organs & system: Heart, Lungs, Brain, working of Muscle, Skeletons.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Forces (level 2): Contact & field forces, Buoyant & gravitational, Drag etc.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Universe: The Moon & its craters formation, Asteroids, Meteoroids, Natural satellite, Planets.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Land: Rocks & soil formation.
  • Understand, learn & Perform light & Sound (level 3): Refraction, why we able to see color lights, Medium of travelling light & sound.
  • Understand, learn & Perform Plants: Astrofarming, Photosynthesis of plant.
Grade 6:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for grade 6

Understand, learn & Perform
  • Physics:
    • I. Electricity & Circuit
    • II. Light(shadow, reflection, Refraction, scattering)-level 3,pin hole camera
    • III. Magnetism- its field & effect on different materials
    • IV. Motions
  • Chemistry:
    • I. Sorting material into groups
    • II. Recycling of paper
    • III. Properties of material
    • IV. Elements & compounds
  • Biology:
    • I. Human body movement: Muscle movement, Skelton(level 2)
    • II. Living organism
    • III. All about Plants
    • IV. Human organs(level 2)
Grade 7:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for grade 7

Understand, learn & Perform
  • Physics:
    • I. Light: Spectrum, how it travel, Light bends, Shadows, Coloured light.
    • II. Magnetism: Electromagnet, its material, Poles, Field lines & patterns, Electric current making magnetic field.
    • III. Sound: How we hear, medium of travelling, vibrations & wave formation.
    • IV. Heat, Temperature & Energy
  • Chemistry:
    • I. All about Matters: Physical & chemical change, Element & compounds, Periodic table.
    • II. Acid & base: Reaction, PH scale, Rusting etc.
  • Biology:
    • I. Plants (Level 3): Photosynthesis, how plant drink water, Plant growing without soil at home in a cup/dish.
    • II. Circulatory system: Heart, blood its vessel, walls & valve of heart, pumping action etc.
    • III. Respiration: respiratory system, Lungs, good & bad habits.
    • IV. Food digestion: Digestive system (level 3), teeth, Nutrients etc.)
For k to Grade 2:

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science – Course for k to Grade 2

  • More than 1000 fun & amazing Science experiments for kids
  • Topics such as Space, Air, light & sound, Magnets, force, human body, Science toy making & more.
  • Development in kids after joining this course are as below:
    • i. Igniting curiosity
    • ii. Fall in love with science
    • iii. Developing scientific vocabulary
    • iv. Hands on learning