Science for 6th grade

Science 6th grade course in Ahmedabad

Science Centre/Classes for kids based on Ahmedabad, since last 8 years we are continuously developing experiments/activities and teaching our kids through unique way of learning. Syllabus based concept and practical learning. More than 80,000 kids were taught by our centre from respected schools of Ahmedabad. We all know, we create such type of climate that they learn and enjoy the science, it’s our main aim they should not feel it as a bored like some subjects. Not just school book learning, we also give them Exposure, opportunities & trained them to compete in international competitions. Our Science for 6th grade kids had also participated & got certificate from Nasa, & also got certification from New York based international Rube Goldberg machine design competition. Our Target to make kids 1 step ahead by teaching them every topic through hands-on learning. Here kid will learn & perform activities/experiment at same time.

We also provide opportunities, give Exposure & Trained our kids to showcase their talent & Compete on International platforms like: - New York based Competitions for kids, NASA, European Space Agency etc.

Our Aim To generate Curiosity and Develop Science skills among kids and they enjoy Science like they enjoy Sports.

6th grade course

  • Understand, learn & Perform
    • Physics
      • Electricity & Circuit
      • Light (shadow, reflection, Refraction, scattering)-level 3, pin hole camera
      • Magnetism- its field & effect on different materials
      • Motions
    • Chemistry
      • Sorting material into groups
      • Recycling of paper
      • Properties of material
      • Elements & compounds
    • Biology
      • Human body movement: Muscle movement, Skelton (level 2)
      • Living organism
      • All about Plants
      • Human organs (level 2)