Astronomy classes for kids Ahmedabad

Astronomy classes for kids in Ahmedabad

We are science centre based on Ahmedabad; we are equipped with the world’s leading brand Celestron advance computerized Next star Telescope. Not only show our kids planets or stars but we also teach them about planets, constellations and other terrestrial objects through practical hands-on projects. we have categorized the experiments and activities according to the age groups. We also provide opportunities, give Exposure & Trained our kids to showcase their talent & Compete on International platforms. Our kids received certification from NASA.

  • Exploring & observing different planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars etc.
  • Exploring and watching moon surfaces, moon mapping, live watching craters through our advance American brand telescope.
  • Asteroids, comets etc making through simple and household stuff,
  • Study of constellations, making constellation viewers.
  • Teaching and making instruments with simple materials to measure Sun distance from your house. (learn more using less and easy materials)
  • Solar system models, how craters form on moon etc.