Sarvesh Tripathi ‘Max Science’ is the very first & one of its ‘Science Center’ for Early Science Education for kids in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. We are Teaching to kids of age Group 4 years to 10 years kids. With amazing technique and unique fun projects.

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science centre is already widely recognized in the city for the Encouragement and Exploration of science among kids and creating awareness about science importance in parents, Since last 9 years through our Workshop,Events,Exhibition and Classes.

Sarvesh Tripathi Max Science has reached up to 80,000+ kids but our aim to reach 1,00,000 kids in next 5 years through our super science Center for kids.

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Inspiring an interest in science at a young age can help kids grow up with the tools needed to form questions about the world around them and make decisions based on their own reasoning.

We strive to offer our students a whole-life experience that goes beyond the classroom. Our Science center offers a compelling learning environment filled with activities that are both challenging and fun. It is our belief that a quality education encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities both in and out of the Science center.

To develop unique and high quality science centre and makes a positive impact on the science and technology awareness for school learners and for general public, As we are Known for Best quality of Hands-0n science education in Ahmedabad.

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Trusted by 100000Parents

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One step closer to an exceptional Fun amazing Hands-On science education for your child, every day.

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