Digestive System

Digestive System

Digestive system: it is used to breakdown food into nutrients and which then pass into circulatory system and are taken to where they are needed in body.


  • Ingest (consume) food. (stage1)=Ingestion
  • Breakdown food into nutrients.(stage 2)=Digestion
  • Absorb nutrients in the bloodstream.(stage 3)=Absorption
  • Remove the wastage.(stage 4)=Egestion

Function of saliva in Digestive System

  • It moist the food.
  • It begins digestion.
  • It adjust salt appetite (natural desire to satisfy a bodily need, especially for food).
  • The flow of saliva help to wash pathogenic bacteria.
  1. ESOPHAGUS: A muscular tube through which food passes from mouth to stomach.

    • As you chew your tongue helps mould your food into a mass called bolus (small rounded mass of substance).
    • When you swallow the bolus it enters esophagus.
    • Opening of esophagus lied next to wind pipe.
    • When u swallow, opening of trachea is closed.
  2. STOMACH: after esophagus food goes to stomach where it mixes with acid and enzymes.

    • Acid kills bacteria and viruses & enzymes help down to break down protein and essential nutrients.
    • There is layer of mucus in stomach which protects stomach being eaten by acid.
  3. Small intestine: in small intestine liver and pancreas help to maximize digestion.

    • Liver: once nutrients absorbed in blood it pass through liver and glucose absorbed in liver.
    • PANCREAS: it release pancreatic juice, it neutralize the acid to maintain acid balance and help to breakdown protein & starches (chain of glucose).
  4. Large intestines: it absorbs water from waste material leftover.

    • All leftover waste compact and stored at end of large intestine called rectum
    • When it gets full, anal sphincter loosen and waste passes out.
    • Basically large intestine drying up the food so body can use the water that was in it.
  1. Name the Glands associated with the Human Digestive System?
    • A. Salivary Glands and Pancreas
    • B. Salivary Glands and Liver
    • C. Liver and Pancreas
    • D. Salivary Glands, Liver & Pancreas
    Ans: D
  2. Arrange the correct sequence of the steps involved in the process of Human Digestive System?
    • A. Digestion, Ingestion, Assimilation, Egestion and Absorption
    • B. Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation and Egestion
    • C. Egestion, Absorption, Digestion, Assimilation and Ingestion
    Ans: B
  3. In which part of the body digestion of protein begins?
    • A. Pancreas
    • B. Pancreas
    • C. Small Intestine
    • D. Large Intestine
    Ans: B
  4. Complete digestion of food occurs in:
    • A. Stomach
    • B. Small Intestine
    • C. Pancreas
    • D. Large Intestine
    Ans: B
  5. In which part of our body food gets absorbed?
    • A. Small Intestine
    • B. Large Intestine
    • C. Stomach
    • D. Stomach
    Ans: A
  6. What is digestive system.
    • A. The body breathing system.
    • B. The body blood transporting system.
    • C. The body food processing system.
    Ans: C
  7. Where does food pass through between mouth and stomach?
    • A. Esophagus
    • B. Small intestine
    • C. Large intestine
    Ans: A
  8. Where does the partly-digested food goes after stomach.
    • A. Small intestine
    • B. Large intestine
    • C. Large
    Ans: A
  9. How does a digested food nutrient finally reach to bloodstream?
    • A. It passes through the esophagus into the blood.
    • B. It is absorbed by blood through blood vessels.
    • C. It is absorbed through blood by walls of stomach.
    Ans: B
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